Monday, November 17, 2014

Iteration 115 - What Your Country Can Do for You

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In this iteration of the Simulationist Podcast: 
Josh and Ryan give their imaginative take on Changes the Clown and the Victoria local mayoral elections! Then we recount our adventures in simulated worlds, from Minecraft to Dwarf Fortress, to our adventures in coding our own stuff. We pitch the idea of Mars Bus.

And for our main topic of discussion:
What of democracy in your D&D worlds? Can we determine what alignment voting would fall under, in the D&D alignment system?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Iteration 114 - In the Service of the Empire

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We are joined this week by Ryan's brother Jason Kirkby. We begin by marvelling at some players' ability to be stubborn and grind away for hours at repetitive tasks in video games, something you just can't do in a face to face game. If Superman's eyes ever degenerated, could he perform laser surgery on himself? Ryan makes a monster out of tears to add to Dwarf Fortress. We talk about looking forward to Blizzard's new game: Overwatch. Our main topic: on working for governments and big organizations in your role-playing game.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Iteration 113 - Mind Swapping

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This week on the Simulationist Podcast, we talk about swapping brains! 

We start off the discussion with some talk about the Age of Ultron trailer, and future Marvel movie releases. Josh watches Noah and why it's a science fiction movie. Then we get into our main topic, which is about mind switching and why it's done as a story trope, and the science of it, and if it could ever happen in real life. Also, National Novel Writing Month kicks off!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Iteration 112 - On Ghosts and the Other Side

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In this iteration of the podcast: As another part of our month of the dead, we talk about ghosts, not so much as monsters, but as characters. Josh and Ryan talk about their weekly adventures in gaming, mostly Minecraft and Marvel: Avengers Alliance. As a jumping off point for our main topic, we watched the film ParaNorman. We discuss the mechanisms of ghostly return and hauntings. Also recommended: the Book of Life (2014 film).

Monday, October 20, 2014

Iteration 111 - The Clown Iteration

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In this episode: looking forward to Halloween and National Novel Writing Month. Debate topics: do Halloween costumes have to be scary? How should we do NanoWriMo? Does a great actor need to have terrible life experiences in order to be truly great at acting? The death of Wolverine! Whatever will Disney do? Ryan has a few ideas. We talk about superhero television and films. Who's winning: Marvel or DC? And for our main topic: clowns. Are they inherently scary or evil, or do evil beings choose clown forms because of their perceived innocence?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Iteration 109 - The Don't Care Bears

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In this episode:
Josh talks about Terra Firma Craft and some other Minecraft mods. Ryan brings us his disappointing adventures in Care-a-lot, and how we would have made it better. We get all philosophical on what it really means to "care". And do the Care Bears provide answers that are just too easy? Are all our games and stories too easy? Can we make them more harder, more ambiguous, and more realistic? Do we really want realistic endings and solutions to fictional problems, or do we look to fiction to imagine a world that has solutions so we can actualize ourselves? And we uncover the Shame Bears in Ryan's brain.