Sunday, September 14, 2014

Iteration 106 - The Circle of Antagony

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A short discussion about the new D&D Monster Manual, the Paladin's warhorse, and teamwork and team-helping abilities in role-playing games. The Sims-ulationist! Josh played an hour of the Sims 4, and reports back in this podcast. And Josh goes to Interactivity again. Ryan plays around with Tri-Stat stats for Bender and Robo-Cop

Ryan discovers a monster he's been working on turns out to be an internet fetish. Sparkling mummies. What is closer to the wellspring of life? Josh says bacteria. Ryan says wolves. Ryan delves the bottom of the ocean for ideas for Cthulhoid monstrosities. If Cabin in the Woods were a board game or a role-playing game, which characters/monsters are player characters? .

So we have protagonists and antagonists, what about retagonists? Josh and Ryan tangentially touch on Eastern religion. We think prequels need to start using negative numbers, like Order of the Stick . Playing as monsters. Non-standard goals for players--what if the players just want their characters to get drunk and have as much fun as possible? .

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Iteration 105 - The Dimensional Flaw

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In this iteration of the Simulationist Podcast:
We discuss the latest Death of Wolverine. We recommend the Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Ryan invents Platonic Oubliettes for Multi-Dimensional Beings, kind of like the ghost trap from Ghostbusters. Platonic Solids: And for our main topic, we discuss flaws for heroes, and flaws in real life. Josh and Ryan argue about Superman's decision to not adopt a super child. And we ask whether you would kill Hitler if you woke up in a jail cell next to him.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Iteration 104 - Role-Play All the Things!

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It's a very special Labour Day show! (In which we do the same thing we do every show: talk about 1990s comic books and video games for longer than our allotted time). In this episode, we talk Waterworld, the Victoria Fringe Festival, and the Justice League: War movie! Ryan discovers @Fanfiction_txt's twitter account! Discussion Topic: Role-play All the Things! Josh and Ryan talk about infiltrating all games with the role-playing spirit.

Question for mandatory listener engagement: who is dumber, the Tick or Homer Simpson?

References and Recommendations:


Justice League: War (2014 video)

Jamaica (Pirate Ship Race Board Game)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Iteration 103 - Milking Cows at Superspeed

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In this iteration of the podcast: Josh and Ryan scheme to create a Simulationist currency! Ryan laments the loss of another online game: Marvel Tactics. Which superhero would make a better Jesus:

Batman or Superman? We get into a weird discussion about whether Superman enjoys being a superhero, and if it's okay for him to enjoy it. 


The One (2001 film) End Scene:

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal on Superman:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Iteration 102 - We Watch Guardians of the Galaxy

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In this iteration of the Simulationist Podcast, Josh and Ryan give their own totally unique take on the movie of the summer: Guardians of the Galaxy. But before all of that, Josh and Ryan recount the week's adventures in video games and roleplaying games (mostly Minecraft). Ryan re-creates Inspector Gadget in the Tri-Stat system, sparking a nerdly discussion on what exactly the limits of Gadget's powers are. Then we discuss neuroplasticity and the Vulcans from Star Trek, and the interaction between culture and biological evolution of brains and behaviour.

Feedback-generating question: imagine you find an infinity gem from Guardians of the Galaxy, and assuming you know for sure what it is, but you don't know any Marvel characters or how to contact them, do you turn it over to your government? If not, what do you do with it?

References and Recommendations:

Guardians of the Galaxy, of course:

A build that Josh made in Minecraft:

Tri-Stat Roleplaying System:

Steven Pinker The Better Angels of Our Nature

Cutie Honey (2004 Japanese film)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Iteration 101 - On Location at Interactivity with Dave Morris

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In the first segment of the show, Josh and Dave discuss such board games as Machu Pichu, sacrificing llamas to the gods, Glass Roads with it's funky clock, Terra Mystica and all its complications, Arkham Horror and its way of giving cooperative characters slightly askew motivations, Puerto Rico, Pandemic and how to keep everyone involved, and Settlers of Catan! We talk a bit about designing our own games, and how board games are like improv.

In the second segment of this week's podcast, Ryan catches up to Josh to discuss Minecraft, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Monopoly, Mancala, Chutes and Ladders, and cool new ideas to add on and make them crazy complicated!

References and Recommendations:

Moulin Rouge Roxanne

Paper Street Theatre
Dave Morris

Monday, August 4, 2014

Iteration 100 - The Poor Security of Vampires

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Josh and Ryan talk about how they missed Comic Con and wished they could have gone, and their business plan for selling body spray at gaming conventions. Then, Ryan discusses how his thoughts on security were sparked by the incompetence of the vampire in Son of Dracula. And we move on to discussions of security in Dungeons & Dragons, whether it be the players' own castles, or the dungeons they infiltrate. And then we inevitably move on to discuss what World War II would have been like with vampires in it. And then we somehow end up on Star Wars. Then we invent the Wormwood Vampire toward the end, so stay tuned for that one, because it's pretty cool.

Dwarf Fortress Forums

And Justice for All (1979 movie)

Son of Dracula (1943 movie)

The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body